Life Challenge Kidz Korral Want To:

  1. Enhance the child’s self-concept.
  2. Set a Christian example and encourage spiritual growth.
  3. Provide an enriched environment that stimulates curiosity, reasoning, problem solving, and perceptual development; encourages understanding of the natural world; and extends intellectual growth.
  4. Encourage parent participation.
  5. Promote and maintain the health and physical development of children.
  6. Provide a loving, patient, understanding environment which includes careful guidance and positive discipline.
  7. Provide a flexible schedule containing developmentally appropriate activities, including aesthetic and creative experiences.

We Want Each Child To:

  1. Develop a feeling of God’s infinite love.
  2. Feel successful and competent-“feel good” about himself or herself-which promotes healthy, positive self-esteem and a lifelong love of learning.
  3. Extend social contacts with other children and adults, and to think of others with kindness and consideration.
  4. Develop self-reliant behavior by caring for self, belongings, and toileting needs; and by learning to help keep the school environment safe and clean.
  5. Develop communication skills through a variety of reading, language, number and writing readiness activities.
  6. Develop fine and gross motor skills through activities, creative expression, free play and directed body movement.
  7. Develop an appreciation for nature and the world around us.
  8. Feel that school is a good place to be; that he/she is wanted and belongs here; and that he/she has learned through interesting activities which helps them want to return the next day.

What will Your Child Do at School?

  1. Your child will learn to:

    • Experience a feeling of God’s infinite love
    • Get along with others by being cheerful, polite, and fair
    • Share toys, feelings, experiences with others
    • Explore new things and ideas
    • Express himself/herself with words, clay, paint, dance, music
    • Choose and plan activities he will do
    • Listen to stories and directions
    • Look at books and learn to respect them
    • Use new words that have been learned
    • Know the differences in shapes, colors, sizes, and sounds
    • Care for himself/herself and their  belongings
    • Count by relating numbers and groups of objects
    • Take turns and follow rules